Non-transparent panels

Sheet Material Al

  • Stable and durable
  • Available in two surface finishes

Compound Material Al

  • Lightweight and insulating

Compound Material St

  • With white plastic coating
  • With easy-clean surface that can be written on
  • Suitable for use with magnets


  • For surfaces and panelling that have to take a lot of punishment
  • Wear resistant and resistant to impacts
  • Antistatic surface
  • Available in several colours

Plastic ESD

For the protection of electronic components

  • For maximum conductivity requirements
  • Meets EPA requirements

Chequer Sheet

  • Stable and non-slip

Groove Plate X 8 40, light

  • Stable panels with grooves on both sides
  • Variable fixing of workpieces
  • Precise modular dimension on large panels
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