Accessories, Installation Profiles

Fitting Sockets and Switches to the item Installation Profiles couldn’t be easier or quicker. Simply plug the desired Mounting Box for one, two or three installation elements into the cable conduit opening, insert and connect up the relevant connection and clip the Face Plate into place. That’s all it takes to get sockets, network connections and other elements ready for use.
The item accessories range covers all typical application areas – protective contact sockets, couplings for CEE three-phase plug connectors, RJ45 network connections and switches.
Installation Unit K76 M45 2 HP with Mounting Rail accommodates safety devices such as automatic circuit-breakers and RCD protection switches. It is advisable to use Strain Relief Device, Mounting Box K76 to safeguard cables.
The open sections of the cable conduit are sealed with Cover Profile 76 Al (0.0.663.41). Locking Clips (0.0.663.42) ensure that the Cover Profile is earthed and held securely in place.
Earth Connection, Installation Column Profile should be installed to dissipate residual currents from cables and sockets.
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